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In precisely one month from today, our founder and CEO, Joshua “jL” Mitchell, will be traveling to San Francisco, California to attend Apple’s 2016 World Wide Developer Conference. In order to attend this conference, one must be chosen by a randomized lottery system Continue Reading

The Monsta Day Massacre Applbum

The New Orleans music production duo MonstaBeatz is dropping their latest Applbum entitled The Monsta Day Massacre, which is an App featuring unreleased music from Lil Wayne ,Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Lloyd and more. Being in the music industry since 2008, MonstaBeatz has stashed a significant amount of songs in their Haunted House Studios waiting for the right time to release them. Continue Reading

Encryption, iPhone and Backdoors

Privacy is one of the most important features you should care about when owning a smartphone. Nowadays smartphones hold sensitive and personal data such as contacts, messages, pictures, video and location data, all of which are protected by an encrypted personal passcode. If you are an iPhone owner your encryption keys were saved by Apple as of iOS 7. With the release of iOS 8 in 2014 Apple no longer stores users encryption keys making the owner of the iPhone the only one capable of unlocking the device. Continue Reading!

Who is jeniusLogic?

On July 12, 2013 Joshua “ jL “ Mitchell founded jeniusLogic LLC. out of his love and passion for technology and entrepreneurship. During his tenure at Apple Inc., a company known for excellent customer relations, Joshua traveled the nation working on iOS and Native App development projects, led and educated a team of certified technicians and trainers as a Lead Genius, facilitated global iOS & OS X certification courses, all while using his spare time to learn more about the mobile platform and its future in business. Continue Reading