Who is jeniusLogic?

On July 12, 2013 Joshua “ jL “ Mitchell founded jeniusLogic LLC. out of his love and passion for technology and entrepreneurship. During his tenure at Apple Inc., a company known for excellent customer relations, Joshua traveled the nation working on iOS and Native App development projects, led and educated a team of certified technicians and trainers as a Lead Genius, facilitated global iOS & OS X certification courses, all while using his spare time to learn more about the mobile platform and its future in business. He then built an extremely effective team of former Apple Geniuses to move forward as their own entity. The combined technological and business acumen of jeniusLogic empowers us to effectively navigate the App Development landscape to provide a customer focused service to businesses who are searching for ways to increase their creative expression through technological innovation.

The jeniusLogic blog was created to specifically distribute information about the culture that encompasses the App Development industry. Our curated content will be related to Mobile App Strategy, UI/UX Design, Market Trends and will also include App Critiques, Podcasts and Tutorial Videos. We feel that the conversation about App Development , and Technology in general,  is segmented to specific communities. With the creation of the jeniusLogic blog we intend to provide a space where novices & professionals alike can discuss and gain insight to content concerning the App Development industry.

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